Silhouette Plaques

Less than two weeks until Mother's Day! I thought I'd help you with a super cheap, super easy Mother's Day gift idea. Each of these wall hangings cost just over $1 to make and they are really quick to put together, too. It is a "craft" project that any adult or older child can manage.

Silhouette Plaque Supplies
Wooden wall plaque
Acrylic Craft Paint
Black Card stock
Mod Podge or School Glue
Ribbon (optional)

  • I found these wooden wall plaques at the Dollar Store and I've also seen them in craft stores. They had really ugly string tied to them, my first step was to remove that string. 
  • Decide on the color to paint them. My home is primarily decorated in pinks and greens so I selected green for the boys' plaques and pink for the girls' and proceeded to paint the front and sides of each plaque.
  • Take profile pictures with a digital camera. Do this against a white wall, since obtaining crisp lines is the objective. 
  • Load these pictures into your computer and re-sized them using photo editing software. This was a bit of trial and error for me... I would print out the picture (in black and white, absolutely no reason to use color ink) on standard white computer paper, check the size of the picture compared to my plaque and try again if necessary. 
  • Once satisfied with your printed picture size use a pencil to trace around the child's profile and cut along pencil line with extra sharp scissors, precision is key. 
  • Lay your cut profile image on black card-stock. Again trace around the picture, leaving pencil mark on the card-stock and use super sharp scissors to cut the shape out of the card-stock.
  • Now, with your painted plaque and black card-stock profile it is time to assemble. I used Mod Podge for this (because these plaques will not be handled, just displayed, I believe you could use standard school glue instead.) Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge all over the wooden plaque using a sponge brush. 
  • Place silhouette just where you want it on the plaque and allow it to dry completely. 
  • Once it is dry, brush more Mod Podge over the entire piece and allowed that to dry. 
  • The final step is to tie ribbon on the plaque where the yucky string used to be.

Go ahead, get busy making these for Mom or Grandma. I know they'll love them!


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