Favorite Thing Friday- Artscow

So this is one of my fabulous husbands favorite things. He is the one who has introduced me to Artscow and has ordered many of the most personal and treasured gifts from them. Artscow makes fantastic gifts that you personalize with your own words and pictures. The Hubs has ordered books and playing cards from them, the cards have our own pictures on them. They offer everything... books, jewelry, backpacks, cards, flip flops, umbrellas, watches... all with your own pictures. It is the most customizable selection I have ever seen. According to my husband, after he placed his first order they began sending him special offers that are where the real deals are. He says that they send offers for free products where all you pay is the shipping and you can get customized gifts for only a couple dollars.

I have loved the gifts he has given me... well except for the playing cards he gave me with horrifying pictures of me camping on them, but the thought behind it was sweet! Our kids think the decks of customized cards he ordered for them are just the coolest thing ever, and he got them for less than $3 per deck. When he suggested that I tell you about it as a Favorite Thing, I spent some time looking over their site, templates and offerings. Gee Wiz, there are some cute things on there. And the best part is that the site is so user-friendly! You can easily navigate and create.

I know it might seem early to be thinking about holiday gifts, but if you look at their site now, you could start thinking of great ways to use all of the fantastic summer fun pictures you have been taking in personalized gifts for the loved ones on your shopping list!