Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

I saw this soap dispenser over at Meridian Road and I had to have one sitting on my new counter top. By the way, I adore that blog! Suzanne's blog has been a major inspiration as I have begun to redo my own kitchen. Check out her Farmhousey Kitchen... oh, I just love it! I have visited her page so many times in the last week to drool over her kitchen. I took such a liking to the way she positioned her wheat grinder (the very same one I already own) and jar of wheat on her counter that I had to run to target to buy my own jar and my grain scoop is on order from Amazon. Truth be told, I'm trying to recreate a version of her kitchen in my own home. Imitation is the highest flattery, so I hope she doesn't mind too much. Take a look at her kitchen and all of the other amazing inspiration on Meridian Road.

Anyways... back to the soap dispenser. Suzanne made one for normal liquid hand soap. Because of my known obsession with foaming soap, I had to modify her directions a bit to make it work. I started with a plain-jane pint size mason jar and I emptied the cheapo foaming dish soap dispenser I had on my sink and dried it really well. With the lid off the jar I colored around the rim of the bottle with a permanent marker and immediately stamped it onto my mason jar lid to make a circle impression the exact size of the old soap dispenser. Because I'm a little intimidated by power tools, I improvised to cut out the circle. I used a hammer and a large nail and tapped little circles all around the perimeter of the permanent marker circle. Once there were little circles really close together all the way around the circle, I used a chisel to push the circle out. My hole was really rough, but it doesn't matter. I shoved the foaming soap top through the hole and applied some E6000 glue to it. I filled the jar with my marbles and soap mixture and I'm now enjoying the mason jar foaming soap dispenser in my kitchen. I think it looks really clean and so much nicer than the cheapo plastic dispenser I had been using.